Don’t let different locations harm your relationships


On many occasions, when we finally meet that ideal man or woman at an online dating site or through a singles agency, we find they are based in another city or even another country. While the general opinion of most people is that long distance relationships do not work or are a challenge, this is not necessarily the case. Whether you are involved with a local woman or man or someone from another location, the same amount of effort and determination is needed for a relationship to work. Similarly, whether you are into dating online or through conventional dating commitment is the key to happy relationships.

Tips to make relationships flourish

Take the relationship offline as soon as possible: One mistake frequently madeby couples that meet and fall in love online is they delay in taking their relationship offline. Distances and travel between cities is no longer a challenge so why not meet up as soon as possible. Meeting in person will help both partners to gauge each other better. Once you meet and even if you are not able to meet on a regular basis maintaining a strong bond through communication will keep the relationship thriving and sustainable.

Stay connected: Once you have established your relationship you need to focus on each other and not let any distractions come in between. There are so many ways to communicate that it is possible to stay in touch even if you are at distant corners of the planet. From emailing one another to communicating over the phone, video chat, messaging there are plenty of options to keep the relationship strong and exciting. When possible drop in for a short time at the other’s location. Plan a schedule where both partners visit each other. Visit new places together during the vacation season. As the saying goes where there is a will there is a way!

Share your feelings: Trust and commitment are only developed when we share our innermost feeling with our partners. This is one area where both partners have to be equally committed. There are times when distances may leave you with a feeling of longing or loneliness. Do not dwell on those negative aspects and speak it out with each other. When you connect emotionally be it through emails or conversations, it only makes the relationship stronger. Men and women need to equally express their feeling and sentiments to each other.   

Look at the positives and skip the negatives: While they may seem like easier said than done, it definitely has a very positive impact on the relationship. Stop dwelling on the distance that separates you but be grateful for having each other in your lives. Remember the good times spent together and focus on ways that both can be together in the future. Whether it is the form of travel to be with each other or planning your next vacation at some exotic destination you need to look at the good things in life. When we have positive thoughts it gives positive results. Being upbeat about future prospects together is one excellent way of maintaining a healthy and exciting long term relationship.

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