Relationship mistakes to avoid


When you first fall in love with somebody and begin dating online or offline, we tend to get carried away with emotions and happiness. At times, even mature adults in a relationship make some basic blunders, which could be harmful to the relationship in the long term. While these may come across as trivial issues, they could lead to fights and disagreements, or even worse the couple breaking up. These mistakes apply to both men and women and if you want a healthy and long-lasting relationship, ensure not to commit these mistakes.  

Refer to past relationships

One of the biggest no-no’s in any relationship is to compare the exes or past relationships with the current one. This is a sure recipe for disaster and a definite way of ending the relationship. Steer clear of any references to your past relationships and never draw parallels with your current partner. Leave the past behind and focus on the current relationship to make it a healthy and happy one.

Don’t encroach on personal space

We may be committed to each other but that does not give us the right to encroach on a partner’s personal space. Being in love is great but every couple needs some time for their individual selves. Everyone needs some leeway to spend time privately as they wish and please too. When you feel your partner needs some downtime by themselves, whether it is for a hobby or even going out with the boys for an evening out, give them their space. Encroaching upon personal space will lead to resentment and even arguments.

Seek approval for minor things

One of the biggest mistakes to make in a relationship is to seek your partner’s approval for each and everything you do. While it is okay to get approval for major things that could impact the relationship, it is unwise to do the same for trivial things. It shows a lack of self-confidence as a person and will also become a source of irritation for your partner.  As mature adults, both need not seek permission for small things from each other.

Learn to be appreciative

One need only be appreciative of a partner when they shower you with expensive gifts. Learn to be appreciative of the small things they do also. Whether it is cooking a special meal or complimenting them on the way they look or act, earn to express appreciation and gratitude. It will give the other partner immense happiness to see that you value all that they do. Never be critical and whine about something but rather thankful for things as a couple.

Never pick up an argument after drinking

So many relationships have broken up because either one or both have had drinks and got into an argument. Alcohol makes us shed our inhibitions and also loosens the tongue. After a couple of drinks, most people also lose their temper quicker and get much more argumentative. If there is some issue that needs the both of you sitting down and talking, avoid doing it after drinks, Instead, wait for the next day when both are sober and share your feelings with each other. It will help to resolve matters in a sensible and peaceful manner.   

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