Understanding the concept of dating


Every one of us dates at some point in our lives. Despite dating being an integral part of our lives not many people are truly aware of dating as a concept and the underlying aspects of the subject. There are certain parameters to dating whether at an online dating site or dating local singles in your neighborhood.

The dating concept simplified

Lacks fixed definition

There really is no fixed definition for dating other than what is found in the dictionary. In the actual world, people do not stick to any common rule. While some might date a single person, others will be serial daters. There are some that are super casual to the dating concept while others are dead serious.

Difference between relationship and dating

This is a question that flummoxes most people when asked. After when we are dating we are in a relationship (of sorts). The fact of the matter is when we use the term dating it does not involve commitment. On the other hand, when we are in a relationship it implies a commitment of some kind. In a relationship generally, both partners agree to be mutually exclusive although there may be open relationships where partners are still committed.

Becoming familiar with each other

Dating is the first stage when a couple begins to discover and learn new things about each other. Before committing to a relationship it is vital to know each other. This is possible at the dating stage. It is when the couple gets to go out, meet and do things together and is when they get to find if they are suited to each other. Dating helps a couple to learn the likes and dislikes of each other.

A physical relationship may develop

This is subject to the couple and varies from one couple to another. Dating may not necessarily involve getting completely intimate unless both are willing to go the full way. Some couples keep it limited to kissing and cuddling. It depends on the comfort levels of the partners and if they are ready to cross the boundaries into a physical relationship. In our contemporary times, it is no big deal in getting intimate while dating for many couples. Even having a physical relationship will remain dating and only become a relationship when a commitment is made.

The option to date many

At the dating stage, both partners are free to date multiple partners if they so desire. There are no limitations to dating different people. When dating someone a couple of times it is always better to inform them that you are dating others as well. This will prevent any misunderstanding from popping up between the partners. There are serial daters that are quite content to continue to play the field without any desire to having a committed relationship at any stage. 

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