Ways to mend a broken relationship


When you first begin dating online or offline everything seems hunky dory for most couples. The challenges in the relationship appear later. The solution is to work on resolving differences and misunderstandings before they snowball into something bigger and could lead to a breakup. All relationships will face challenges at some time, so the best way to save the relationship from disintegrating is to resolve any issues at the very beginning. 

Resolve issues rather than break the relationship

Feelings must be shared

One of the major reasons why so many relationships fail is that most couples tend to disguise their true feelings from each other. Men, in particular, are guilty of this, because of an old notion that men must be tough and not share their feelings or emotions. When you feel offended or hurt by a partner’s actions, share your opinion about the situation. Sweeping the issue under the rug will only let resentment fester and could lead to arguments or fights later. Whether man or woman, both partners must be upfront about their feelings with one another. By discussing the issue the offender will realize their mistake and make an attempt not to repeat the mistake.

Learn to talk less and listen more

Most of us have a tendency to express our views wholeheartedly, without really listening to things our partners say. Being a good and a patient listener will go a long way to resolve most issues. Do not focus on the football game or be stuck smartphone when your partner is sharing something important with you. By cultivating the art of being a good listener most of the trivial issues that arise can be prevented. Let them explain completely when they speak and do not interrupt to express your own views on the subject. This works both ways.

Release any pent up resentment

If there is a misunderstanding or even your partner has made a major blunder, do not let anger and resentment fester within. If you want the relationship to survive you need to forget and forgive. Not only will it help to strengthen the bond as a couple it will be emotionally and psychologically beneficial for you. Stop waiting for who will apologize first and get down and talk it out like a mature couple.

Communicate, communicate and communicate

Half our planet’s problems will be resolved if we as humans learned to effectively communicate with one another. No surprises that the same issue exists in many relationships that go south. If only we could learn to be more communicative with each other in a proper manner, it will save so much heartbreak and broken relationships. From the onset of your relationship prioritize communicating with each other. Instead of discussing your personal issues with friends and family, communicate about the same issues with your partner. You will find it will work wonders in your relationship and will lead to a stronger bond as a couple. Since we cannot read each other’s thoughts and mind we need to communicate our feelings with our partners instead.

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